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We are familiar with who a notary public is, an official who offers vital services in law and business. However, most agreements which someone executes in daily life require legal authentication and proofs. Everyone needs notary service at least once in a while, no matter whether you are buying a new home, starting a business, purchasing a commercial property, leasing a property, adopting a child, migrating to another country, etc. all of these require the services of a notary public.

Notary public is an authorized executive that is capable of acting as a consistent, unprejudiced witness for the signing of significant documents. Moreover, a notary public is also capable of acting as a commissioner of oaths and might have other official designations depending on the jurisdiction.

A notary public renders his official duties by marking documents with his signatures and a distinctive personalized stamp or inked seal. Further a document that has been witnessed by a notary public has been notarized. Such document is thereafter considered as authentic and can be used worldwide as proof of the original.

Benefits of Notary Public:

- Notary public is very simple to use.

- By certifying the authenticity of the signing parties, a notary public offers an inexpensive and affordable means for organizations and individuals to enter into contracts as well as carry out businesses with a reassurance that the notarized and commissioned documents will be recognized in court.

- Notary public is a great way to protect against fraud because it is a requirement that the signatory of a legal document has to establish his or her identity.

- A notary public also acts as a fair-minded third party for parties intending to enter into a legally binding agreement.

Notary Public Services include:

- Apostille Certificates

- Authentication & Legalization

- Notarization & Certification

- Notarized Affidavit

- Commissioner of oaths Toronto

- Statutory Declarations

- Notarization of Documents

- Consent to Travel Document Forms

- Letter of Invitation

- Marriage Abroad

- Permanent Resident Card Applications

Nowadays, a notary public's duties are typically cramped to the witnessing of documents as well as the commissioning of oaths. However, in different countries, the manner of notary public service may differ slightly, including USA notary public, Canada notary public. In Canada, notary public services in all the provinces, including Ontario notary public, are very similar. In Ontario, for example, each city maintains similar notary public service including notary public Toronto, Greater Toronto notary public, North York notary public, Scarborough notary public, Mississauga notary public, Brampton notary public, Vaughn notary public, Ajax notary public, etc. Some states or provinces also permit notary public to confirm copies of official documents.
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This article was published on 2010/10/15