Politicians As Public Figures

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Grover Cleveland's political motto was: "A Public Office is a Public Trust." Yes, that certainly was true then, and it certainly is true now. You see, "We People of the United States of America" have no choice but to trust those who we elect to Public Office to do the best that they can for the majority of the people within our Country.

Then again, there were many times when that trust between the citizen and the politician was betrayed for reasons known only to the betrayer. Yes, more often than not, the betrayer is the elected politician.

Case in point, Richard M. Nixon. We surely know about Watergate, but how many other things did he do that would be considered harmful to the people and Country that he swore to protect and defend? Also, what did he do that produced long term negative results for every working person within our Country?

Now is not the time to answer that question, rather, the topic here is whether or not a Public Figure can sue those who say negative things about that person. In regard to a politician's job performance, absolutely no. You see, those elected politicians who fail to comply with the requests of the majority, most likely, are hiding something from the majority. Yes, they are betraying the trust of the Public.

So too, who do think is responsible for all of those negative campaign ads we see during election time? Yes, it's the political opposition candidate who is running for the same office.

Even now, the Republican candidates for the office of President of the United States are smearing the leading Democratic candidate. They are experts at twisting the words and meanings of all those who oppose them. At the same time, they really don't have anything worthwhile to do for the majority of the people within our Country. Otherwise, they would promote the good things they would try to do, rather than just smear those who have every right to seek public office.

Yes, those Republicans expect to win, as they did the last time there was a Presidential Election. Then again, I'm not buying their platform of fear and doubt that, no doubt, won the election the last time.

Instead, the only true measure of how good those Republican Politicians are is to take a very good look at each and every one of their records and actions within the Government. In so doing, I'm sorry to say that those Republicans ignored the wishes and requests for solutions to each and every issue that, "We People of the United States of America," deem truly important for the well being and safety of each and every Citizen of our once great Nation. I myself wonder just who are they truly working for?

I also wonder if their past actions actually did more harm than good. We People are facing, what could be a World-wide depression, World War III, a Civil War or even a major extinction event due to Global warming. Yes, what are our do nothing Politicians doing about those issues? Answer: "Absolutely Nothing." Then again, they are all well taken care of, and as much as I hate to say it, it seems that they really could care less about each and every one of us. Who will you vote for in 2008?

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Politicians As Public Figures

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This article was published on 2010/04/04
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