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Public folders are important and easy way that can be used to collect, organize, and to share information with different people working as a team.  Public folders can be used in sharing files or in posting information using an electronic bulleting board. Public folders are also useful in storing important items like calendars or contacts which are shared by different people. Therefore public folders are important for any organization in order to differentiate what can be shared to the public and what has to be kept to the organization. When information regarding important operation in an organization is kept in a public folder, it can be available through Outlook unlike when the information is kept in a normal file. It is also easy to protect the information through creation of permission so that it will be accessed by only those who are allowed to do so.

How public folders can be used in the company

As an administrator in the company, I feel that public folder can assist the operation of this company in a great way. Public folder can play an integral role in the way the company manages or handles information within its operation.

One of the most important assets for the company is its wide customer network.  The company has consolidated a regional customer base when it supplies specialty products. Keeping in touch with each and every customer is very important since it helps customer to communicate frequently with the client. While it may be very difficult to manage the large customer base in a conventional way, public folders can come in hand to assist the company to have organized addressed for all its customers

Public folders would therefore help the company to have an address database from where the sales team can contact their customers to know when they need to be supplied. This would save the company the cost of traveling to each and every customer to enquire for supplies.

Constant communication with the customer will ensure that they don't seek supplies from other companies in case they fail to reach our sales team. The company would be the one seeking to supply instead of waiting for quotations from customers. This would not only assist the company to increase its sales but it would also help it to source for its products. By having a database address for all its suppliers, the company would ensure that it is constantly supplied with products.  Public folders would therefore provide an important communication link between its suppliers and customers by creating such a link.

Public folders can also allow the company to control the number of those who are likely to access the folders. This will ensure the confidentiality of information since only few individual will be allowed to access it. For example some offices like accounting office which require privacy in its operation can function well. The accounting department can also coordinate the sales and purchasing process since it has links to the suppliers and customers.

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This article was published on 2011/02/24