The Role Of Public Administration

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Public administration deals with the organization of government policies and programs and the behavior of officials who are responsible for this conduct. The role of a public administrator is to analyze public policies so that they come out in the right context and are eventually implemented as policies that benefit people at large. Public administrators are basically public servant and their role is seen across all government departments and agencies and they include police officers, cabinet secretaries, city managers, municipal budget analysts and census analysts.

Public administration is inclusive of sub-fields such as policy analysis, public administration organizational theory, human resource management, policy analysis and public administration ethics. Most people compare public administration to business administration and the Master of Public Administration are compared to a Master in Business Administration.

In the United States, the academia aspect of administration draws values from political science and administrative law. The aim of public administration is to ensure that all government bodies function normally and that there is no corruption in the handling of government activities. Public administration seeks to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of public services and to ensure that members if the general public gains what are needed from their use of public services.

Those who want to be Public Administrators must have a Bachelors, Masters or Doctoral Degree in Public Administration. A public administrator works in various governmental bodies such as management, policy-making and also finance. Careers in public Administration includes working as a congressional representative, being a social worker, working as an associate executive and also involving in the task of being a city planner. Public administration jobs are available at State, Local and Federal Levels. On a smaller scale, public administrators manage various government programs and ensure the implementation of various policies, but on a larger scale, they head nations, states and also cities.
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The Role Of Public Administration

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This article was published on 2010/11/26